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Since 1935, Capitol has been part of the fabric of people and landscape that make Oklahoma the “heart of the heartland”.

Like the State of Oklahoma itself, Capitol Abstract & Title Co. has a rich history. If you stop to consider the timeline, Capitol Abstract was established just 46 years after the land runs of 1889, and just 28 years after statehood. Coming off the economic oil boom of the late 1920’s; the 1930’s brought some of the darkest days in Oklahoma history. 1935 was probably a pretty rough year to start a company in the State of Oklahoma, but that’s just what Mr. Rollin Drew did. It was right smack in the middle of the Dust Bowl – in fact April 22, 1935 was dubbed “Black Sunday” as it produced the worst and darkest dust storm in U.S. history. Lands were barren, towns were deserted, and homes were seized in foreclosure as the “Okies” left the state in droves. But little Capitol Abstract & Title Co. was open for business, and our business was recording the transfers of ownership on properties in Oklahoma. It had to look pretty bleak at the time. But there’s that famous Oklahoma spirit that perseveres.

Fast forward to the 1950’s, when the Cox family acquired the business. World War II was over, the economy was recovering and the “American Dream “of home ownership was in full swing. Oklahoma City had a thriving economy supported by Tinker Air Force Base, oil exploration and development, and farming. And oh yes, O.U. had Bud Wilkinson at the helm of the Sooners football team. Life was good!

The years that followed brought many ups and downs. Oil Booms, Oil Busts, and everything in between. Capitol Abstract & Title Company has weathered all the storms and is stronger than ever in 2012. We are excited about the vision for our city and our state. We have so much to celebrate! We are committed to the success of the community that we serve. And we strive to deliver “the service of yesteryear with a vision for the future”.